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What is revival? When is revival needed? When can it be expected? What truth must it emphasize? What are the dangers of revival? What are the hindrances to revival? Will the fruits of revival last? These are the questions Richard Owen Roberts urges upon your consideration in Revival!

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Repentance: The First Word of the Gospel

It is a serious problem when society misunderstands or disregards sin and repentance. But when the church neglects these doctrines, the impact is profound. This book unfolds the nature and necessity of biblical repentance, but for the church in particular. Roberts’ in-depth study heavily references both he Old and New Testaments, and includes chapters on the myths, maxims, marks, models, and motives of repentance, as well as the graces and fruits that accompany it. There is also wise warning about the dangers of delayed repentance.

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Sanctifying the Congregation: A Call to the Solemn Assembly and to Corporate Repentance

This volume contains over a dozen powerful sermons calling the Church to fasting and to solemn assembly. A look through an index of early American publications reveals the wealth of attention that America’s founding fathers gave to this issue of corporate repentance, and a selection of sermons preached between 1645 and 1753 is included here, along with calls to corporate repentance issued by government bodies and in church covenants.

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Glory Filled the Land: A Trilogy on the Welsh Revival of 1904-1905

The Welsh Revival of 1904-1905 was the last of a most wonderful series of extraordinary blessings with the Principality enjoyed form the Puritan period onward… We are convinced that the world-wide revival of the Christian Church must be the number-one priority of its people. But the revival we need is not one that lasts a few months and then destroys itself on excesses and extremes. The world desperately needs a ‘Reformation Revival’ which lasts an entire generation.

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The Turn of the Tide

Powerful revival occurred with wonderful frequency in Wales from the early Puritan period until the end of the nineteenth century, but it has been a long dry season since the revival of 1904-1905… Author Vernon Higham believes God still delights to meet his people! With Isaiah sixty-two through sixty-four as his text, Higham writes of our tremendous need of revival in fresh and flavorful language.

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